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Calves, Weanlings, Bullocks & Heifers. 11.30am

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Fat & Breeding Ewes & Lambs 10.30am

Latest Mart Reports
25/11/2022 - Weanling Sale Report

Today at the mart- Very good trade for all weanlings on offer and a complete clearance of all suckler cows on offer

Type Prices
Continental Bulls €360 to €710 over €/kg
HE/AA Bulls €300 to €480 over €/kg
Cont. Heifers €330 to €640 over €/kg
HE/AA Heifers €300 to €400 over €/kg
Suckler Cows €1100 to €1680 per head
24/11/2022 - Cattle Sale Report

Today at the Mart- smaller sale with a much better trade with beef cattle improved by €100 per head in places

Type Prices
Beef Bullocks €1100 to €1460 over €/kg
Continental Store Bullocks €460 to €840 over €/kg
HF/AA Store Bullocks €360 to €650 over €/kg
Fr Store Bullocks €100 to €380 over €/kg
Beef Heifers €940 to €1200 over €/kg
Cont. Store Heifers €390 to €680 over €/kg
HE/AA Store Heifers €300 to €540 over €/kg
Beef Cows €700 to €1120 over €/kg
Feeding Cows €280 to €600 over €/kg