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Thursday Sales - (Cattle)

Calves, Weanlings, Bullocks & Heifers. 11.30am

Tuesday Sales (Sheep)

Fat & Breeding Ewes & Lambs 10.30am

Latest Mart Reports
01/06/2023 - Cattle Sale Report

Today at the mart- Thursday 01th June Smaller numbers, with a steady trade for the stronger lots. Smaller cattle a little harder sold.

Type Prices
Continental Store Bullocks €460 to €1040 over €/kg
HE/AA STORE BULLOCKS €380 to €780 over €/kg
FR STORE BULLOCKS €280 to €560 over €/kg
CONTINENTAL STORE HEIFERS €440 to €760 over €/kg
HE/AA STORE HEIFERS €360 to €680 over €/kg
BEEF COWS €580 to €860 over €/kg
FEEDING COWS €260 to €520 over €/kg
30/05/2023 - Sheep Sale Report

Today at the mart- Tuesday 30th May Biggers numbers of lambs and cast ewes on offer, with trade similar to last week for all classes.

Type Prices
Heavy Lambs €166 to €171 or €115 to €121 over €/kg
Factory Lambs €142 to €166 or €108 to €120 over €/kg
Fat Hoggets €144 to €170 on €100 to €116 over €/kg
Heavy Ewes €146 to €194
Lighter Ewes €100 to €142
Ewes with Lambs at foot €140 to €240 per unit